NMC Metallurgie/Phoenix Metal History

2002 : The Tin Smelter has been bought by NMC Metallurgie.


Until end of 2003 :  Technical teams worked on the investment and maintenance in order to repair the factory, import and install the missing machinery, restart the smelting activity with an optimisation of the process.


June and December 2003 : tests have been done with success and the industrial production was ready to start by the end of 2003.


2005 :  It decided to change the name of the company to "Phoenix Metal" and to change also the memorandum of association.


2005 :  The price of electricity, the power cut and a problem of quantity of row material had obliged to stop the smelting activity.


End of 2005 and in June 2006

Phoenix metal did some test on a new process based on a exothermic process. Those tests were a technical success but the second increase of the price of the electricity in December 2005 and the remaining problem of quantity of row material were not cover by the positive aspect of the new process.


2007 :  5 years after the privatisation, a complete technical and financial audit has been conducted by the Privatisation to see if the conditions of the contract were respected by both parties. It has been decided between the parties, that Phoenix Metal haven‟t any more obligation. Phoenix Metal has promised to keep in mind smelting and will do a special effort to restart the smelter at first opportunity.


Until now, Phoenix Metal continues the furnace‟s maintenances in the picture to restart the smelting in Febuary 2011.