Electrical Arc Furnace

The arc furnace is composed of 3 graphite electrodes. The 3 electrodes are submerged in the Mix of cassiterite. The electric power heats the mix for the reduction of the cassiterite. The furnace system is in continued.


The quality of the cassiterite has a direct impact on the capacity and the heat inside the furnace. The furnace needs to be stop only if the ramming is damaged. The reduction furnace temperature is between 1500°C and 2500°C. Depending on the quality, the tapping is made between 3 and 4 hours.


Refining Furnaces

The refining furnaces are for the control of the impurities. The impurities are in ppm and need to be control if an LME quality is required to be produced. If chemical treatment is needed to take off the impurities, those furnaces are equipped with agitators and metal pumps.

Refining furnace temperature: up to 1 200°C.


Segregation Furnaces

The two segregation furnaces are used for the recycling of the scrap and collect the tin still present in the scrap. Segregation furnace temperature: up to 1 200°C.


Ingot Furnace

When the Tin Metal is clean enough for export, the tin metal (liquid) is transferred from the refining furnaces to the ingots furnaces. It is from this furnace that the tin metal is pumped and placed into the moulds.